Glutima Gold


Glutima Gold is combination of super detoxification agent/antioxidants which are produced by liver in body naturally. This naturally produced antioxidant detoxify cell organelles and prevents ageing/death of cells.

Presentation : 10 tablet per strips
Composition : L- Glutathione 500 mg + L-Carnitine 500 mg + Ubiquinol 100 mg + Magnesium 50 mg + N-Acetyl Cysteine 100 mg
Prescription : Not Required/Dietary Supplement
Speciality : Orthopedic
Brand : Galipea
Indications : * Increase the glutathione level in cell which is main component of mitochondria a power house of cell & body. * Detoxify the cell and tissue in human body. * Remove/degrade heavy metal/chemical from cells/tissues. * Increases insulin production and decre
M.R.P : ₹ 450.00

Availability of Product :
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